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We’re a team of adventurous creatives. We embrace the bold and seek out the new. We dare to go beyond the edges of the map and explore the unknown.

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Howdy, we're Ethos.

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Ethos Tagline - Take your brand to new destinations
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our story

Ethos began with the idea to bring together strategic thinkers, gifted creatives, and growing businesses to produce meaningful content that matters.

Small business is personal. It’s hard to hand over the reigns, let alone to a stranger. We’re not an oversized, overpriced agency with cookie cutter packages. We’re a skilled team with the flexibility to create offerings that perfectly fit your needs. We’re dedicated to providing the time, talent, and resources to help your brand achieve the recognition it deserves.

At Ethos, we work with business owners and brands looking to develop a strategic social media presence with high-quality content that delivers results.

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Meet the Team

Hannah Spohn - Creative Director


Co-owner, Creative Director

Hannah not only drives the creative direction of content creation, she manifests uniquely original visual strategies for Ethos and its clientele.

As Creative Director, visual consistency and the desire to connect with others is key. As co-owner and cowgirl, her focus is to keep folks excited, engaged and looking toward the horizon. Hannah contributes an entrepreneurial fire, warm personalization into every interaction and 6 years of industry-related expertise.

Her greatest accomplishment to date is starting Ethos with her spouse and company co-owner, Derek. After office hours, you’ll find Hannah curating an out-of-the-box outfit, walking her dogs, Maple and Chesty, or planning her next road trip.

Derek Spohn Director of Operations


Co-owner, Director of Operations

Derek is the project manager, big-picture thinker, and all-around “numbers guy” of the Ethos team. 

His background in the Marine Corps and experience as a stock broker have equipped him with excellent management skills with both people and finances. Derek is a lifelong learner, analytical, and driven to succeed. His ingenuity and knack for creative problem solving make him the go-to for all things operations.

When he’s not busy making sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted, you’ll find him riding his motorcycle on a beautiful day or camping with Hannah and the dogs on a weekend getaway.

Now that you know who we are, we'd love to learn more about you and your business. Send us an email to start the conversation.